Wine Glass 101

Need wine glasses? Do not stress out.   Here is my cheat sheet to finding the best glass!

Made of actual glass.

Not plastic.  Hey, I don’t want to assume here.  Doesn’t have to be leaded crystal either.  

Has a stem.

Don’t buy stemless.  Please.  If you have them, cool.  If not, don’t get them.  You are just warming up your wine when you hold it.  Save them for water glasses.


I hate drinking wine from a glass with a thick rim.  Thinner rims mean more wine drinking satisfaction. Trust me on this one.  


Not worth buying if they are going to break when you look at them.  Just burn the $40 and save us all time and inevitable heartbreak.

Not too light, not too heavy.

The baby bear of glassware.  Too light and it will break easily.  Too heavy and it is honestly not worth the effort for the heft.  That means no go on the ones from the dollar store. 

Not too tall, not too short.

Again, tall enough to be a real glass, short enough to fit into a dishwasher.  Let’s be honest here, ok?   No one is handwashing these things.  Best bet – keep it 8-10” tall and about 3-5” in diameter. 

My favorites right now:



Libby Signature Greenwich Collection

West Elm Hipped Glassware

Middle of the Road

The One by Andrea Robinson

Gabriel Glas SandArt or Gold Collection


Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon Wine Glass

Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glass

Happiness and COVID

Hazel, my best girl.

Every single human being I know has had a difficult time and some point in the past 6 months.  Whether it is COVID-related or not, stress levels are at all-time high.  

That sounds like time to shake shit up and have some fun.

What has brought us joy recently:

  • Spending time with family.  We have started to safely extend our social distancing circle to include family and a few friends.  It was so nice to hug someone that didn’t live with me.  
  • Took a break from work.  Decided to take a break from my tastings to just relax and prepare for my latest wine exam.
  • Found new board games to love!  I mean, you haven’t lived if you haven’t played Chikapig, Cat Crimes or Exploding Kittens.
  • Made stuff – like bread, ice cream and cookies.  Nothing is better than homemade.
  • Ate WAY too much pizza.
  • Upgraded our outdoor space with a new fire pit and chairs.  
  • Hosted a small yoga class in my backyard.
  • Moved Liam into his new big boy room!
  • Purged my closet and created a little “clo-ffice” for myself.  It has a vintage chair, a window and a door.  All the necessities.  
  • Binged “The Last Dance” and bought a basketball hoop the next day.
  • Sat on my porch and watched the pouring rain.
  • Practiced my sabering skills.
  • Got a pedicure.  FINALLY.

What about you?  What has brought you pockets of joy lately?  Can’t wait to hear what you have been up to!

Top 6 Rosés Right Now

For a wine lover, the dreaded “what is your favorite wine” question always comes up and we feel like we are forced to pick our favorite child.

The brutal heat and torture of this summer has made my answer easy lately: Rosé. And not just any pink drink. It has to be dry, witty, blushing with a whiff of the sea. It has to compliment all the summer food favorites and best served chilled.

Here are a few of my current go-tos…grab them before they are gone.  Drink them on a warm summer night, bossa nova on the speakers and a loved one by your side.  <3

2017 Reserve des Chastelles Tavel Rosé – $8.99 from Trader Joe’s
Blend of 62% Grenache Noir, 12.5% Cinsault, 6.9% Grenache Blanc, 8.6% Syrah, 3.4% Carignan

Look, the Tavel region of southern France does NOT mess around with their Rosé – it is the only thing they make.Unlike its neighbor Provence,Tavel tends to be deeper in color and fuller in body. Honestly, I was shocked to get a good one for under $10. This one is dark, gorgeous and full of ripe strawberry flavors. Grab this before it is gone.

2019 Parés Baltà Ros de Pacs – $13 from The Wine Cabinet
Blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon

Spanish? Check.
Women winemakers? Check.
Certified Organic and Biodynamic? Check.
Under $15? Check.
Delicious as all get out? Check.

2019 Three Wives Germaine Gabrielle Rosé – $19 from Remy Wines
100% Pinot Noir

Another incredible wine from Remy. Remy Drabkin is an incredible winemaker in OR and wanted to try her stuff. Out of the four I purchased, this was the first I tried. This Rosé of Pinot Noir went down so fast, I was legitimately sad when I realized I only had one bottle of it. Had a depth of raspberry and white pepper – truly one of my favorites of 2020.

2019 Walsh Family Wines Rosé – $28 from Walsh Family Wines
100% Cabernet Franc

There was a reason why I chose to share this with the folks at Jancis Robinson.com Between their pet-nat Plateau (which I opened my last bottle on my birthday) and the Weatherlea Rosé, I have survived quarantine thus far.

I swear I don’t work for them. But DAMN their wine is fantastic. The 2019 Rosé is 100% Cabernet Franc and an incredible example of what Virginia wines are possible of these days. Strawberries with a bit of minerality. YUM. Shop and support local….and pretty awesome wine-making family.

McBride Sisters SHECAN Rosé – $28 for 4-pack from McBride Sisters
When I first heard of the McBride Sisters, I heard about their SHECAN Professional Development Fund. Trust me, this is the ONLY reason why I would go to Walmart – wine and supporting women in wine.

I masked up, entered Wallyworld in search of this stuff. And it took me a while….it was hidden behind other cans of crap. But I grabbed a few cans of the rosé and Sauv Blanc, mumbling all the way back to my car, “this shit better be worth it.”

And it was. Light, refreshing, easy to drink on my porch. But the best part, sipping this you know you are directly supporting women of color in the wine industry. Now that makes it even more delicious.

But I’m ordering directly from them next time.

2019 Lumen Starry Rosé – $28 from Lumen
Blend of Grenache and Pinot Noir

This was the first wine by Lane Tanner I ever had.  And damn, she makes a good wine.  In the gorgeous Santa Barbara sunshine, Lane and her winemaking partner Will Henry produce incredible, sustainable wines.  This particular rose reminded me of the Taval a bit – deep salmon with massive cranberry and watermelon flavors.  Yum yum.  


00100trPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200728185349232_COVERYour favorite not listed? Recommend one in the comments!