Here are a few of my favorite things…from companies I love + admire.


I have been ordering from wine.com for 20 years. My first orders were sent to my campaign office in Helena, Montana where I fell in love with Big Sky country, craft brews and BIG, jammy wine. They have amazing service and selection and have kept me as a customer for 20 years. That says A LOT.

As I my love of wine grew, so did my headaches. And they were after one glass! My chef friend recommended I try wines from Scout and Cellar. The ingredients in mass-produced wines could be the cause and Scout and Cellar carefully tests and screens for that. After doing my research, I was shocked to see all the crazy crap in wine. No wonder I felt terrible. TONS of added sugar, Mega-Purple, Ferrocyanide and a host of other stuff is used to make up for cheap grapes. This company opened my eyes to mass wine production and what it is doing to family farms and our planet. This stuff is good, good for the planet and much better for all of us. Try it….you’ll be pleasantly surprised how good it is and how good you’ll feel.

I am known for a few things – my love of wine, civil engagement and a good bold lip. If you ever wondered about my skincare or makeup, Beautycounter is my supplier of choice. They are the leaders in creating skincare that is both effective and clean. Beautycounter is an amazing brand and a certified B Corp. Hell yeah.

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