Wine Glass 101

Need wine glasses? Do not stress out.   Here is my cheat sheet to finding the best glass!

Made of actual glass.

Not plastic.  Hey, I don’t want to assume here.  Doesn’t have to be leaded crystal either.  

Has a stem.

Don’t buy stemless.  Please.  If you have them, cool.  If not, don’t get them.  You are just warming up your wine when you hold it.  Save them for water glasses.


I hate drinking wine from a glass with a thick rim.  Thinner rims mean more wine drinking satisfaction. Trust me on this one.  


Not worth buying if they are going to break when you look at them.  Just burn the $40 and save us all time and inevitable heartbreak.

Not too light, not too heavy.

The baby bear of glassware.  Too light and it will break easily.  Too heavy and it is honestly not worth the effort for the heft.  That means no go on the ones from the dollar store. 

Not too tall, not too short.

Again, tall enough to be a real glass, short enough to fit into a dishwasher.  Let’s be honest here, ok?   No one is handwashing these things.  Best bet – keep it 8-10” tall and about 3-5” in diameter. 

My favorites right now:



Libby Signature Greenwich Collection

West Elm Hipped Glassware

Middle of the Road

The One by Andrea Robinson

Gabriel Glas SandArt or Gold Collection


Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon Wine Glass

Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glass

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